Vintage lime green blazer and Levi’s jeans

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Being stuck at home for some many months made me do some online shopping (like the majority of us I assume) and my latest acquisition is this vintage lime green blazer from Benetton that I absolutely adore. I’ve been on the hunt for something like this for more than a year and I found this one that is made of great quality and it’s in perfect condition.

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Guide to mixing prints

mixing prints, how to mix prints, guide to mixing prints, the blue eyed gal, theblueyedgal, zaful

Mixing prints can be a little bit intimidating sometimes, but once you master it, you’ll never look back. You can get some really unique outfits and also, make use out of clothes that you’ve never thought would go well together!

Mezclar estampados puede ser un poco intimidante a veces, pero una vez que lo dominás, nunca vas a mirar atrás. ¡Podés crear unos outfits realmente únicos y, además, usar prendas que nunca pensaste que combinarían!

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How to make jeans and a tee stand out

jeans and a tee, the blue eyed gal, theblueyedgal, easy outfit, outfit ideas, graphic tee

Wearing jeans and a tee is one of the easiest outfits out there; its comfy choice, goes with everything and you don’t have to think about it too much… that’s why on today’s post I’ll show you how I wear this easy look and make it stand out with some really simple tips.

Usar jeans y una remera es uno de los conjuntos más fáciles que existen que hay; es una elección cómoda, combina con todo y no tenés que pensar demasiado en ello… es por eso que en el post de hoy les voy a mostrar cómo uso este look fácil y lo hago parecer mucho más complejo con unos simples tips.

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Making peace with the past

Making peace with the past, theblueyedgal, the blue eyed gal, zaful, outfit ideas

Making peace with the past may seem easy, but it’s not; it takes a lot of internal work and realizations, and I’m lucky enough to have reached this point. It took a long time, but it was worth it. I’ve suffered a lot in my life, especially on my teenage years… my old high school became a place that made me anxious and fearful, even if I was 5 blocks away; I couldn’t handle being close to it.

Hacer las paces con el pasado puede parecer fácil, pero no lo es; requiere de mucho trabajo interno y de realizaciones, y tengo la suerte de haber llegado a este punto. Tomó mucho tiempo, pero valió la pena. He sufrido mucho en mi vida, especialmente en mi adolescencia… mi colegio secundario se convirtió en un lugar que me inquietaba, me llenaba de ansiedad y miedo, incluso estando a 5 cuadras de distancia; no podía soportar estar cerca de él.

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