Best online stores with worldwide shipping

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One of the questions I get the most is: where do I shop for clothing online? That’s why on today’s post I share with you 8 of my favorite online stores with worldwide shipping.

Una de las preguntas que más me hacen es, ¿en qué tiendas del exterior puedo comprar ropa online? Es por eso que en el post de hoy voy a compartirles 8 de mis tiendas online favoritas con envío a todo el mundo.

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Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale picks

As we all know, Nordstrom is one of those stores that goes crazy when it comes to reducing prices for Black Friday, that’s what I got your back! Here you have some of my favorite items on sale that are ideal for those who are in the Fall/ Winter season (those who are in Spring/Summer season like me, don’t freak out, I have a post for you too!) 

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